DON PAZOUR | President & CEO | Access Intelligence

Jim is that rare creative director that first and foremost delivers value---i.e., he spends only what is necessary to convey a message, whether it is a call to action in direct marketing or a huge rebranding effort. In addition to this, he gets marketing and understands creative is not for its own sake but for the ultimate marketing objective of the creative provided. Jim is as good as they come and besides is an ethical person---and a hell of a nice guy.


CHRIS KEATING | National Sales Director | Nation's Restaurant News

Jim is everything you want in a designer.  He has tremendous range - his stuff can be clean and professional and it can be quirky and witty.  He can create a striking look but also help work through highly detailed and complex design challenges.  But most importantly, it's really fun working with him.  He is that rare designer that finds the perfect balance between offering you new looks and directions, but within the context of what you're trying to accomplish.
Oh, he's a helluva writer, too.


HP NEWQUIST | Author | "This Will Kill You"

I've worked with numerous illustrators and designers on dozens of books. The process of merging words and images into a single package, quite frankly, can be a difficult task. When it came time to put together "This Will Kill You," all of us involved in creating the book had a very specific idea of what we wanted from the illustrations, in terms of technique as well as the need to have them reflect the tone of the book. That meant getting a skilled illustrator who was also adept at coming up with original concepts to mirror our approach to the subject matter.

It was a conversation of less than five minutes, and in that time we decided to ask one--and only one--designer to do all of the graphic work: Jim Shinnick.

In seeing Jim's magazine and web work, I had always been impressed by his ability to make graphics feel as vital to a printed concept as the text. In "This Will Kill You," the vast majority of illustrations ended up being Jim's original ideas. He instinctively captured the feel of each of the chapters, and in some cases produced illustrations that were actually wittier than our text (although I don't usually admit this in public).

The end result was a stunning book, made all the more interesting and worthwhile thanks to Jim Shinnick's insightful approach to illustration and design.


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